30 Days to Higher Kicks

30 Days to Higher Kicks

Are you looking to improve the height of your martial-arts kicks?

Are you unsure how to get there relatively quickly and safely?

In the 30 Days to Higher Kicks program, GMAU Taekwondo Head Instructor, Adam Gerrald, gives you an easy-to-follow plan of stretches and conditioning exercises to improve your flexibility and strength so you can kick higher.

The Program

Step 1: Click on the 30 Days to Higher Kicks image, below, to download the free program guide (PDF):

30 Days to Higher Kicks

Step 2: Read the guide and get familiar with the stretches shown on pages 2 through 11.

Step 3: Watch the 30 Days to Higher Kicks video on YouTube.

Step 4: Each day, follow the stretching and exercises plan outlined on pages 12 through 17 of the guide.

Be sure to stretch and exercise safely within your personal and physical limitations, and enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, strength and kicking height!

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