How to Find a Training Partner or Train Solo

At the Global Martial Arts University (GMAU), you can become super successful and earn a black belt (or equivalent) in our programs by training on your own.

But we do understand that some new students, especially those in our Krav Maga program, get discouraged because they can't find someone to train with to practice certain techniques and help them take rank tests. And some students just don't know the best ways to train solo.

With this in mind, our founder and director, Sensei Michael Hodge, created the 
How to Find a Training Partner or Train Solo video.

In this video, he gives you helpful tips for finding a training partner, including:

  • Ask a family member, friend, or co-worker to train with you.
  • How to use the GMAU Student Finder to find and communicate with other GMAU students near you.
  • How to find and make training friends on the GMAU Community, Discussion Boards, and Facebook Group (these are only open to full GMAU students).
  • The importance of staying committed and positively persisting in your search.

Sensei Michael also provides practical suggestions for the best ways to train solo, including:

  • How to train with realistic intent.
  • The importance of getting and using training equipment.
  • Use a mirror to view and correct yourself while you practice.

We hope this “Getting Started” video helps you successfully find a training partner and (for most times) train solo effectively in your GMAU program.

We're here to support you every step of the way on your path to black belt and beyond!

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    1. Hi there,
      Yes! All the GMAU core programs provide you with official ranking certification through the Global Martial Arts Association.
      We hope to see you training with us soon 🙂

      GMAU Director of Operations

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