How to Stay Motivated & Committed to Black Belt

Training in a Global Martial Arts University (GMAU) program gives you an amazing opportunity to earn a black belt (or equivalent) in one or more of our programs. Because all our courses are online, you can easily learn, practice, and earn rank at your own pace and location.

But the path to black belt is not an easy one. It takes time and ongoing commitment.

When the training gets physically and mentally difficult, which it will at times, you may be tempted to give up. To ultimately be successful, however, you have to keep pushing yourself forward.

To help you keep going even when the going gets tough, our founder and director, Sensei Michael Hodge, created the How to Stay Motivated & Committed to Black Belt video.

In this video, he gives you simple but effective suggestions on how to stay motivated in your GMAU course(s), including:

  • Document your journey.
  • Set goals, and break your goals into smaller ones.
  • Create a relationship with your instructor.
  • Find and connect with an accountability partner.
  • Take short rests at the right times.
  • Remind yourself of your reasons for training.

We hope this “Getting Started” video helps you stay dedicated to your GMAU training. When you stay motivated you'll more easily succeed on your path to black belt and beyond. 

It's a highly rewarding path to commit yourself to! And we're here to support you every step of the way.

2 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated & Committed to Black Belt”

  1. This was a great video! It is good to be reminded of why we chose this path. Sometimes stalled, other times in flow!
    Thank you Sensei Michael

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