Master Japanese

Bojutsu and Gain the Power of the Staff

Learn weapon movement while unlocking an upper-body strength you never knew you had. In the Ultimate Bo course you will...

  • Learn an ancient style of Japanese staff combat, which will build upper body strength through invigorating workouts
  • Acquire the ability to perform realistic combat fighting and powerful body movements
  • Train at a fraction of the cost of classes in a traditional studio
  • Earn real rank at your own pace with one-on-one instructor feedback.

Gavin Huhoff  (Student Since 2017)

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"I really love the freedom of being able to train at home at a time and pace that suits

me.I work long hours and it's great to be able to train at a time 

when most dojos would be closed."

Jacqueline Glisson ( Student since 2012 )

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Train Wherever, Whenever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want, across your favorite devices and at times that work best for you.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Traditional classes at martial-arts studios can cost hundreds of dollars a month. With GMAU you'll have everything you need to learn your favorite martial art for as little as $39/month. Save thousands on your path to black chevron!

Learn Ultimate Bo from Home

We custom tailor the learning process for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a class or being one in a crowd. Your journey to Bo mastery is yours. We focus on you by providing exclusive one-on-one feedback.

Sean Robinson  (student since 2017)

Ready for a Powerful and

High-Energy You?

Master Ultimate Bo at Home

Through this course, you'll learn all the Bo techniques, katas, and

combat/fighting movements step-by-step.

Get into great shape while mastering this ancient and dynamic weapon

Bo training is an invigorating workout for all ages because it's lower-impact on the joints.

You'll learn realistic combat bo, along with traditional Japanese katas and techniques.

A complete guided course from white to 2nd degree black chevron

Includes 15+ hours of HD-video lessons to teach you everything from white to black chevron.

Train through dozens of follow-along classes (30-40 minutes each), which are just like attending a real “live” Bo class in the dojo.

Nathan Douglas  (head instructor)

Earn real rank in this style of bōjutsu with direct support and feedback from your instructor

Once you’ve learned the rank requirements and logged enough training hours, you can submit your video test!

Ask your instructor questions and get video reviews back with corrections and feedback.

Fresh training every month, with new ways for you to practice and progress

Fresh lessons and classes are added to the course every month.

Extra features on the GMAU student dashboard help make your training fun and effective.

Watch How the Course Works

GMAU has been teaching Martial Arts online since 2008.

Course Curriculum

There's a reason that more than 1,000 students have trained 
in Ultimate Bo since 2008.

Sean Robinson  ( Student Since 2017 )

Includes a complete white to black-level course of study. It’s all here!

You'll learn strikes, blocks, stances, grips, combat positions, defenses, sparring, katas, and more.

Each technique is instructed step-by-step through multiple angles, detailed breakdowns, and home-practice drills.

Through follow-along classes and workouts, it's just like attending a “live” Bo class

You'll learn and practice in the most natural way. All classes include a variety of warm ups, lessons, drills, and cool downs.

You can follow along to a class wherever and wherever you want. It's the perfect way to practice and train!

Anytime Support and Feedback

from Your Instructor

Ask questions, get helpful feedback, and motivation from your (real) instructor. We

 are there to hold you accountable and see you succeed.

Message your Instructor and Get Your

Progress Reviewed Anytime

Interact directly with your instructor whenever you need guidance.

Submit a video for review and corrections if you need some extra support.

Find a Training Partner with the

Student Locator.

Easily locate and connect with other GMAU students

in your area.

Start a “Global Garage” and start training with friends.

Earn Accredited Rank at Home

You can test and achieve real rank in the officially recognized style of American

Style Bōjutsu (Ultimate Bo), all through our proven video testing and feedback process.

Test and Receive Detailed Feedback and Corrections from Your Instructor

Submit your video tests and get personalized feedback from your instructor through personalized guidance videos.

There's never any negativity or anxiety -- we use testing as a way to support your improvement and progress.

Once You Pass You'll Receive an Official Certificate of Rank

After all the hard work, you deserve officially accredited certification.

Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to students who train with us locally.


Choose Your Plan

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio, with an unparalleled guarantee.



Simple and flexible plan where you
pay month-to-month

90+ Follow Along Classes

100+ Technique Lessons

Connect & Train With Other Students

in the Course

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback

& Guidance

Fresh Training Material

Added Monthly

Cancel Anytime

Monthly Payments



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Pay for 6 months at a time
to save even more

90+ Follow Along Classes

100+ Technique Lessons

Connect & Train With Other Students
 in the Course

Fresh Training Material Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

Pay $179.70 Every 6 Months (Save 25%)

Cancel Anytime

Pay Every 6 Months

3 Monthly Payments of


Path to Black Belt

Most Value

Get your black chevron with a 3-year
membership in 3 installments

90+ Follow Along Classes

100+ Technique Lessons

Fresh Training Material

Added Monthly

Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback

& Guidance

Access to a 3-year membership!

Save Over $600 on Your Journey to Black

3 Consecutive
Monthly Payments

Hear from Our


My wife and I have really enjoyed Ultimate Bo. The format is perfect for our schedules (and pandemic compatible) and the quality of instruction is excellent. Nathan Douglas and Michael Hodge are both great Senseis and role models for all of us on our martial arts journey. They are always willing to answer questions and provide feedback and are very engaged in the education of their students. The excellence of the course has motivated us to continue learning and eventually mastering the art of the staff. Thank you!

Quinn McCutchen
Ultimate Bo Student

The course is great enjoy it very much. Bo staff is something I always wanted to do since I was a teenager. Trying to get other family members involved.
I am currently retired and my doctor stated I need to get in better shape for my body and to keep learning new things to keep my mind in shape.
Bo Staff aids with both of these. Having to learn the new forms and remember them helps my mind and doing the forms and basic movements many times helps my body. Also attempting to learn sign Language and Spanish.

Gavin Huhoff
Ultimate Bo Student

GMAU has been a great opportunity for me to advance my skills at my pace and in my space – specifically during the pandemic. The staff is extremely helpful and responds quickly with comments and feedback. I definitely would recommend the program to anybody who wants to go the extra mile in their martial arts work.

Jennie Weber
Ultimate Bo Student

I am a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. I've been with GMAU for more than 2 years now, starting with Ultimate Bo, which I am currently still studying but I've also completed the Certified Martial Arts Teacher (CMAT) course. Since studying Ultimate Bo (UB) with the GMAU I must say that my life has honestly been transformed. I had always wanted to learn about the various weapon systems of Martial Arts but where I'm from (Trinidad and Tobago) it wasn't easy getting access to the training. Thankfully I came across an online add for UB and thus began my journey of studying the Bo staff. The beautiful thing about learning anything with GMAU is their attention to detail when teaching lessons. The instructors take their time and go step by step through every bit of each move, with varying angles to give you a sort of personal feel to each lesson. You also get real instructor feedback through videos and messages and you can also message your instructors with questions. It all comes together to give you a learning experience that is truly second to none. With the ability to learn at your own pace, re-watch lessons over and over and have personal interactions with your instructors, I can 100% recommend starting a course with GMAU.

Leo Grant
Ultimate Bo Student

Two chevrons!  Level up!  Passed my progress check! Won a tournament!  Posted in the forum!

These phrases fly around my mind when I reflect on my last year with Global Martial Arts University but it is so, SO much more than that. GMAU isn't just about paying some money, learning a martial art and getting fit.

It's about belonging to, and participating in something bigger than yourself.
It's about making a commitment that counts and sticking with it to the end, no matter what obstacles might come your way (and I've had a few).
It's about making a difference, obviously only to your own life, but - more importantly - to someone else's, with the help of a computer or a smartphone, and your own experience and insights, to help shape their experience in their own journey.

It's about family.

The best thing I ever did was take out a lifetime membership to start training, knowing that this was what I had always wanted to do since I was a kid, but never really having had an opportunity to make it happen. I made a financial commitment of significance, and now I owed it to myself to make it worthwhile. And since picking up my first ever home-made bo staff only two years ago (I'm living proof that a solid curtain rod will do), my life has become enriched through my training on many levels. The changes were initially subtle, but they remain a permanent marker of change in the timeline of my life. The journey continues and the struggles are real, but with discipline and consistency, anyone can prove themselves bigger, if they want it.

I'm stronger than I ever used to be.
I'm fitter than I would have been for my age.
I have a deeper level of self awareness and personal respect.
But most of all, I'm a bigger person than I was before I started.

I'm hooked on bo.

Exceptionally crafted and detailed lessons; professionally graded examinations by rank with prompt and personalised feedback on your progress; an easy to follow pathway that guides you to the next level; and a global social online interactive hangout to engage with other students - and all this for each of the 4 different martial arts to choose from - are just some of the reasons to get involved. Every ounce of time and effort, sweat, muscle aches, schedule, sacrifice, and salary is worth it. And best of all, you can do at your own place, at your own pace, and at your own time even meet and have a spar with your peers, if geography allows. Oh yes, and the live sessions totally rock!

It's time to start levelling up! It's time to change your reality and become a better you! It is time. They say hindsight is 20/20 vision. Well I say, make 2020 your ultimate vision! What's your excuse? If you look hard enough, you’ll find that there really is none that will stand up to this one fact: you’ve read this far…now to take the next step, and take control, and reshape your future for the better.

Jamie Hibbert
Ultimate Bo Student

My path of self improvement with GMAU started in October of 2017 by studying bojutsu. I did a lot of internet research to find a martial arts program in my area that would fit into my work and life schedule. I finally discovered that going to a dojo at their posted times was just not an option, but I wanted some kind of program that improved my physical well being, mental discipline and had an enjoyable martial element to it.

Finding GMAU and the programs they offer was exactly what I was looking for. I read that once I purchased the bojustu class, I could easily train on my own schedule and train almost anywhere I chose. GMAU is an amazing traveling dojo. A month after I started trading with the bo, I signed up for the Shotokan Karate course.

Since I began training almost a year ago, I have noticed an increase in muscle mass (my wife has noticed too), an increase in my body awareness, a stronger core and greater flexibility. In years past, when I had ‘down time’ my job, I felt I had wasted it by not including a physical activity component to my day. Now, I have no ‘down time’ at work, I have a training regimen that is serving me very well.

Sensei Michael and Sensei Jon’s approach to teaching fits my visual learning style. Their lessons are concise, detailed and patient. I feel like I have my own personal Sensei when I watch the training videos. I am able to pause, rewind, and rewatch all lessons until I know I have achieve proficiency. The few times I have reached out to either of them for advice or clarification on a training matter, they have been prompt, personal and courteous in their replies. I do not feel I can give a high enough praise for what they have put together with the GMAU.

Sensei Michael and Sensei Jon are very encouraging in not only their lessons but also in their feedback. The feedback they have provided from my chevron and belt testing efforts have always been helpful and relevant. I believe GMAU holds their students to a high degree of skill and proficiency in attaining rank.

Sean Robinson
Ultimate Bo Student

The program is excellently organized and run. The classes are well put together and (have) a natural progression. Having the opportunity to participate in Zoom classes helps with the learning and building a martial arts family.

James Blanton
Ultimate Bo Student

There are a lot of bo staff videos on youtube and I know people who use those to learn the staff. But I was looking for something that was more systematic. Something that would progress through a wide array of techniques and progressively build up from the basic techniques to the advanced. Something that would teach you both "the how" as well as "the why" behind the techniques. I wanted a program where someone would evaluate my progress and give feedback so I can objectively improve. You will never get that from watching youtube videos. GMAU Bo staff program is exactly what I was looking for. I have been training with GMAU for around 16 months.

Cyle Nelson
Ultimate Bo Student

What GMAU has put together is an all encompassing, fully realized bojutsu system. Throughout the curriculum, nearly 30 traditional techniques are taught and thoroughly explained. These techniques are contained within the (currently) 7 GMAU bojutsu kata. The bojutsu kata are original, dynamic and challenging, each with its own flavor. Parallel to the traditional techniques is the Ultimate Bo combat system. This combat system is practical and relevant incorporating true fighting techniques drawn from numerous cultures and long stick fighting styles.
Ultimate Bo is not 'tricking' or flashy in comparison to other systems. It is a true and outstanding martial art that can stand on its own as a combat system or complement an empty hand martial discipline.

The instructors are always available to answer questions and lend guidance to your progress.
The website is simple to navigate with every resource available at all times.

The curriculum is organized in such a way that one technique builds upon the next, from the foundation of stances and movement to advanced techniques such as spinning and traditional Okinawan kata.

Simply put, Ultimate Bo is incredible. It is fun, challenging and rewarding. I cannot more highly recommend GMAUs Ultimate Bo curriculum.

Joining GMAU has truly been a positive experience for me. I have stayed fit, engaged and find a sense of community and purpose within the practice.

Sean Robinson
Ultimate Bo Student

I have been involved in the martial arts (primarily traditional Korean karate, self defense, and Modern Arnis) for about 20 years and have trained with several different instructors and organizations. I have also been running my own small karate school since 2007. So I've had a lot of time and data to consider while thinking about what it means to be a good instructor, a good program and a good organization in the martial arts.

I am enrolled in several GMAU programs (currently, I'm active in Ultimate Bo and Krav Maga) and all the GMAU instructors that I have come into contact with are top notch. It's clear that they love what they do and that they have thought deeply about their GMAU program and about trying to provide the best experience possible for students. All of the instructors appear to be very active and fully engaged as students in the arts that they teach, which is important because they can better understand their student's experience.

In the programs that I am involved in, I regularly see new material, reworked material and extra material - which tells me that each instructor is working hard to find new ways to improve and enrich the experience of their students. Finally, even though they have reached a high level in their own art, every instructor is very approachable.

All of the staff that I have come into contact with are friendly and responsive.

Michael Hodge and his team have put together an outstanding experience for those who have chosen the martial arts to pursue personal growth and development. All of the elements are there. The timing is right for GMAU, in our current situation and in the future. If it works for your lifestyle and for your learning style, give GMAU a try!

Jim Lubbe
Ultimate Bo Student

I have been in love with martial arts for years, I started pretty late in 1999 when I was 19 years old and Half way in Uni, I studied Tae-Kwondo and represented my University in Inter University competitions. Even I trained for 3 years I only achieved the Yellow Belt Rank and have to retire due to an injury on my right shoulder just before taking my Green belt exam. Once recovered, I started to practice Judo and Aikido for a couple of years (No rank achieve on them) and then I stopped and put my focus in my professional development.

Working in the telecom industry required continuous travel between cities every second week and sometime between countries at least once a year; including 24 hours shift activities. All this made almost impossible to commit to any focus and stable martial arts study.

Just recently in May 2016 I moved from Sydney to Melbourne where I paused after 12 years working (meanwhile I was applying for jobs in the new city) and that was when I discovered the Black Belt at Home which finally lead me to Global Martial Arts University, which curriculum for Bojutsu was the most professional and attractive of any others that I found online.

I started to practice and repeat the first general class of Ultimate Bo and doing so my body was learning quickly and progressively developing. The main things that pushed me to take it seriously were that there was no time constrain (I could train any time, in my own time availability and for longer sessions). After a month doing it, I decided to register into the program for Ultimate Bo (Bo have been my preferred weapon of choice followed closely by Nunchakus) and since then I have been practising on any time that I can, usually near to midnight or on weekends (time that usually you won't be able to on a physical dojo/school).

Once I got the new job, the same time flexibility allowed me to continue training it and in fact it represent one of the most important activities that I perform as it helped me to free my mind and allow me to centre my inner self into a more quiet and stable inner peace. It lead me to rethink my nutrition and even my health in general, as a bonus it took me back into my ideal weight. Receiving my Yellow Chevron rank was absolutely exiting.

In the way of doing Ultimate Bo training, my wife got really interested as well and finally we decided to start the Shotokan Karate program together which have allowed us to share more time together and understand each other more, working more closely and enjoying the training time, helping each other.

It have been one of the best thing I have done and I have found in my life; I as I told you previously I wanted to continue as far as the way go...

The great experience of studying and learning from you Sensei Michael and Sensei Jon is that it does not only goes into the style training, but instead you both go beyond and share your knowledge and experience into how to apply a Karate philosophy into your day to day living, your notes about being rightful persons, taking care of your body heath, listening to your body are great advises that we also like to apply in our life.

Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to meet you in person in the future.

Oliver Reynaldo Sayago Pena
Ultimate Bo Student

My story, 50 years old French Canadian, arthritis in the neck, ex smoker, and gaining weight, time to get in shape! But work a lots and living out of town! Always wanted to learn Bojutsu, start to look around , lol! No way I could find a full Bojutsu training in Canada. I Start to look online, just curious, and I find GMAU Bojutsu with Sensei Hodge! I’m pretty skeptical about training online. I still give it a try. At my surprise, I was really amazed by the material of this online course, lessons, classes, assignment, testing, quality of teaching, exchanges with others student, discussion board. I was really surprise when I did my first video testing, and Sensei hodge reply to me by video! And you can tell, this course is not only about money, Sensei Hodge really care about his student , we are not just a number! I took a chance with this course, and I got no regret, I’m so happy and dedicated to the end! Black belt! I’m coming!

Ken Atkinson
Ultimate Bo Student

With Ultimate Bo, I can train whenever I find it convenient—early mornings, after the children are put asleep—anytime. It also saves me travel time to the dojo in city traffic, which means I can invest more time in training. I find Ultimate Bo’s methodology clear and easy to follow, and it is more than just learning self-defense; the techniques, when put together into a full kata form, create a graceful form of art, not to mention a rigorous workout, particularly when performed in rapid succession.

John Balouziyeh
Ultimate Bo Student

I started training in Ultimate Bo during (COVID) quarantine, due to increasing free time and my looking for Bo training. GMAU was a pleasing surprise, and the course itself as well! I am really enjoying that as part of my training and life!

Luca Fusari
Ultimate Bo Student

Ultimate Bo and the GMAU have been an awesome experience for me. The flexibility to fit martial arts classes into my busy schedule via internet learning has allowed me to train on my own time and at my own pace. The Ultimate Bo classes are a great upper body workout. I am looking forward to increasing my skills and training after taking a short break due to a work related injury. With the GMAU I was also able to review and visually learn a lot during my recovery. I would highly recommend Ultimate Bo or another GMAU course to anyone wanting to learn martial arts.

Brandon Vann
Ultimate Bo Student

Ultimate Bo meets most of the requirements my doctors have told me to do as an older man:
1) Keep learning new things to exercise your brain (learning the different forms and techniques at each level); 2) Stay physically active and lose weight to stop the body from stiffening up (practicing the forms over and over again until they are committed to muscle memory definitely keeps me active); 3) Do something I enjoy (by doing so, I believe I will do it for life as long as my body will allow me.

Nate Johnson
Ultimate Bo Student

Helllo, my name is Heather and I am training for my Yellow Chevron. I enjoy the training very much. It is a good workout and I love to swing that Bo! I am a Third degree Black Belt I’m TaeKwonDo but my school does not offer any weapons trading. I was very excited to find Global Martial Arts University so that I could add to my martial arts training. Thank you Sensei Michael!

Heather Malmberg
Ultimate Bo Student

Commonly Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us if you don't see your question below!

How does testing work?

  1. Train with the lessons and classes. Once you have logged the minimum training hours required, you are eligible to submit your test.
  2. Next, simply follow the instructions on the testing page, to film and submit your video exam.
  3. Your instructor will do a detailed grading of your exam, and will also film a personalized feedback video with corrections and guidance.
  4. Once you pass, we will mail you the official certificate of rank and belt or patch if applicable. If you do not pass the first time, you will be given corrections, and can resubmit without paying another fee.

Is a partner required?

A partner is not required for the majority of Ultimate Bo training. The lessons and classes can be done solo in most instances. The last two chevron level exams require you to demonstrate your combat bo techniques with a partner. Even if this is just a friend or family member that is helping you, they do not have to be enrolled students themselves.

Do you offer a discount for additional family members?

Yes! Each additional family member receives a 50% discount on their tuition. It is simple to add new family members from your own account.

Do I have to do the testing and ranking?

This is simply an option that is available to you. We have a lot of students who just like training and learning the material on their own, without the goal of earning rank through us. That is just fine. If you ever need anything, you can still get help through our Instructor Support.

Is your course aligned with a particular organization or association?

Yes, all rank awarded is recognized and accredited through the Global Martial Arts Association, Ultimate Training Martial Arts Association, the Association of Martial Artists World Wide, as well as various local and national training centers.

Will my certificate state that it was earned “online” or through “home study”?

No. Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to physical training students. This is because we have the same syllabus, testing requirements, and student standards in our online course. Since you are not physically attending classes, you will need to put in extra work and have a much higher level of self- discipline in order to advance.

Is there a cost for testing? What does the test fee include?

Yes. Rank exams are $60 each for yellow – red chevron. The fee covers the time and energy that your instructor takes out working with you and grading your exam. Your instructor will take out a good chunk of time to study your exam, grade it, make detailed notes, and work back and forth with you in communication. Your instructor will also film a personalized feedback video for you! He’ll demonstrate some of your errors, go over tips, corrections, guidance, and anything that will help you improve. The fee also covers us mailing you the certificate of rank and chevron patch.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, there are no contracts or annoying cancellation processes. If you just don’t like the course, you can cancel. But, if you fall to hard times and want to freeze your membership, we can do that for you too.

Does a portion of my monthly tuition go toward changing the world for the better?

Yes it does! We donate a good portion of our proceeds every month to people and projects that are making the world a better place. From planting organic gardens to feed the homeless, to a martial arts school teaching underprivileged kids, to good people who have fallen under hard times and illnesses, schools in Africa, people combating ailments with natural herbs, and more - we are working on helping others and spreading abundance.

Ready for a Powerful and

High-Energy You?