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  • Get access to some incredible total-body workouts, which will shred fat and build lean muscle.
  • Have all of it at NO COST TO YOU, including the ability to do everything in the safety of your own home.

Join over 1,000 other students who have learned how to defend themselves and protect the ones they love. No credit card, no long-term commitment.

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"It's affordable, has great detailed instruction and a community of

instructors that actually care about my training, and don't allow shortcuts.

My Krav Maga training has been a blast!"

Christopher Connelly  ( Krav Maga Student since 2017 )

A Complete Guided Introductory Course

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white-belt syllabus.

More than 5 follow-along classes (30-40 minutes long), which are just like attending a real “live” Krav Maga class.

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GMAU has been teaching Martial Arts online since 2008. We're excited to offer this 12-week program!

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Gain access now to this FREE Krav Maga course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer with no credit-card details needed. Our hope is that you'll Love learning the basics of Krav Maga from us so much that you'll sign up as a full, dedicated student.

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So you have got to be asking yourself, "If I train online, will I be as good as someone who trains in a dojo?”
You will be better, and here's why:
1. A home-schooled student is a very committed and motivated student. It takes a lot more dedication to training alone and to keep at it when no-one is watching.
2. You will be able to train more often.
Online training is more convenient. You can fit 20 minutes in a lunchtime in your office whereas if you had to drive to a dojo, get kitted up, do a 40 minute class and drive back to work it would never happen.
3. You can train when injured. I ruptured my achilles tendon and was in a cast. I would never have dreamed of walking into a dojo on crutches but with GMAU I plonked my plastered leg onto a chair, balanced on the good leg and kept training.
4.One can watch the videos again and again, pause them and look in detail at a particular move. That’s not possible in a dojo. It allows more attention to detail and gives you time to absorb the nuances of each move.
5. The instructors are top notch and they are there in your living room giving you one on one training. The feedback is individualised and there is no hiding. So any weakness is quickly exposed and corrected.
6. GMAU are good folk. You feel you are part of a caring community.

I have been a member of GMAU for over 3 years now and would highly recommend them to anyone considering training in a martial art.

Jacqueline Glisson
Krav Maga Student

Training in Total Krav Maga has really opened my eyes to a new love. It’s so simple yet so technical. I can’t get enough of it and I already train for 6 hours a week! All the videos are done very well and it’s great to know that an instructor is just an e-mail away

David Wright
Krav Maga Student

Discovering the GMAU and it's extensive and professional range of martial arts training has been an absolute godsend for me ... Having the freedom to be able to learn a new skill and keep training, WHENEVER I WANT, has been absolutely brilliant. The level of instruction is fantastic, it really feels thorough and very thought-through - it feels achievable.

The GMAU membership website is great to use, very user friendly and I really like the personal feel of how it's laid out - with the discussion boards and interaction with the tutor - so I don't feel alone or isolated in any way. The recent creation of the community Facebook group is also great, it brings 'real-time' contact with other like-minded students and helps with motivation for sure.

I'm excited to continue my martial arts journey with the GMAU.

Kerry Critchley
Krav Maga Student

I have several GMAU courses. These are all quality instructors. What I would like to point out more than this is the friendly personality and how helpful everybody at the GMAU is. To me this is a stand out quality that used to be very hard to find in martial arts. Everybody who knew anything had a major ego that was a turn major off. You can still encounter this in local schools quite a lot, however. Online is becoming the way to go, plus as stated the GMAU staff is all very kind and genuinely helpful and interested. That is a good winning situation.

Scott Warner
Krav Maga Student

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Get access now to this FREE Krav Maga course so that you can take your first step towards protecting yourself and the ones you love. This is a no commitment offer. No credit card details needed. We hope you'll Love learning the basics of Krav Maga from us so much that you'll ultimately sign up as a dedicated student.

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