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The Global Martial Arts University is a world-leader in at-home martial arts training and ranking. Since 2008, we have been raising the standards of distance training, creating high quality training programs, and making home study a legitimate option for those who are unable to attend a local studio.Our courses include top quality video lessons, follow-along classes, and extra training materials to guide a student from white to black belt.The programs are easy to follow, for complete novices or hard core martial artists. Students are able to contact their instructor, receive feedback/corrections on their assignments, and even a personalised feedback video upon having an exam graded. There is a living, breathing community of peers training alongside students in our courses, who encourage one another and make the 

experience to black belt even more meaningful.

A Pioneer in Online Martial Arts Training

  • Launched in 2008, the Global Martial Arts University (previously known as Black Belt at Home) began with DVD home study courses.
  • The first online martial arts school to required the logging of hours, completion of assignments, and to offer video feedback on exams.
  • The GMAU website launched in 2016. Our website includes proprietary technology that creates a better student experience, and gives our instructors the ability to do more.
  • Proponents of kaizen. Always improving for the sake of our students.
  • More than 1,000 students in over 40 countries and growing month-over-month.

The Freedom to Teach Wherever, Wherener

As a GMAU Instructor, you work on your own schedule. Students are able to watch videos at their own pace, complete assignments, and exams at-will. You can grade exams once a week, and film new material a few days a month.Travel around the world, as you serve your growing student base, without being tied down to a specific brick-and-mortar location.

Be First - Be The Best

  • Be the first person to offer a world-class home ranking program for your art.
  • There is significant growth in the adoption of online education, now is the time.
  • Reach those who previously had no other way to train (rural areas, far-away countries, odd working schedules, can't afford local classes).
  • Join with the best. By launching a GMAU course, you will be among a group of instructors and individuals who always put quality first.

The Opportunity

By instructing for the Global Martial Arts University, you have limitless scale. Teach thousands of students, rather than being limited to one physical location. Share a significant percentage of net profit from the course membership revenue. Plus, earn extra on all grading.

You can make a very significant income as your student base grows from 100-1,000+ students. The GMAU will market your course, provide exact guidance on a blueprint for your course curriculum, and oversee the production and quality control of the ongoing course.

There is power in numbers. The more students and courses we have, the more we can re-invest in improving our technology, student experience, and instructor's lives.

The Process

To launch your own course in conjunction with the GMAU, you will need to invest some time, energy, and money.

  • Apply below, make sure and submit the required videos with your application.
  • Organize your rank requirements syllabus in an easy to follow format from white to black belt.
  • Purchase your own filming equipment and film your core curriculum. It will be uploaded; and then edited and brought to life by our production team.
  • Film follow-along classes and other extras
  • The GMAU will market and launch the officially branded GMAU course. You will be working with your students, grading assignments, exams, and growing the course with us.

Who we

are Looking For?

  • Age 18+
  • Minimum black belt rank
  • 3+ years teaching martial arts professionally
  • Martial arts school owner or instructor
  • Very organised, ambitious self-starter
  • Motivated to serve others
  • Has the time to dedicate to an ongoing course
  • Has long-term commitment to grow their course

Our Core Values

High levels of excellence.

  • Quality always wins.
  • Cutting corners is a way to cut yourself.

For the best and highest good of all.

  • We exist to serve others, not our own egos.
  • We donate 5-10% of our proceeds monthly to people and projects in need (The Abundance Projects).

Total transparency.

  • No secrecy or division.
  • Hide nothing, tell the truth with clarity.

Open and honest communication.

  • Tell it like it is.
  • Be non-judgmental in all forms.

Integrity in every action.

  • Do what is right, because it is right.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.

Success Story

Name: Dustin Koppel

Course: Krav Maga

Backgroud: Runs two schools in Tennessee, National Top Roller, an avid student & instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga, and a growing GMAU Krav Maga course.

Mr. Koppel came on board with the GMAU back in 2015, as we were getting ready to launch our Krav Maga course. His Krav Maga course has a growing student base, with students from over 25 different countries. He films new material every few months for his program, and grades new exams weekly. 

Ready to join forces with global?

If you are serious about launching your own course, please apply below. We are accepting applications for any martial art style.

You will need to film a "course vision" video, in which you talk about your goal and vision for the GMAU course that you want to launch. Upload this to youtube as an unlisted video. Copy the URL into the application form.

Also, film a "teaching video", in which you teach one technique from your style. You can teach the video alone, or with a student on screen. The video and audio quality does not have to be perfect (just use your phone to film), but this will give us a look at your teaching style.

We appreciate you taking the time to apply, and look forward to chatting with you about launching a course with the GMAU!

Apply Now

In the message field of our contact form, mention what course you are interested in launching, and also include the URLs for your "course vision" video and your "teaching video." We are excited to hear from you!

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