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"The content that is available, as per the standard of the GMAU, is excellent. The lessons are bitesize and easy to watch, and the videos are high quality. The syllabus is divided appropriately so it is easy to know what you need to learn depending on your skill level and the rank you are working towards... Thanks to this course I'm starting to feel fitter and found my kicking techniques improving."

Najeeb Hassan  ( Student Since 2017 )

Learn & Earn Accredited

Rank at Home

Learn Taekwondo, the explosive Korean martial art that comes from powerful

traditional roots and is now on the world-stage every four years. 
This martial art features extremely fast kicks 
and builds agility, flexibility, and strength.

Train Wherever, Whenever

With the Global Martial Arts learning platform you can train wherever you want, across your favorite devices and at times that work best for you.

Fraction of the Cost of a Tradition Studio

Traditional classes at martial-arts studios can cost hundreds of dollars a month. With GMAU you'll have everything you need to learn your favorite martial art for as little as $39/month. Save thousands on your path to black belt!

Learn Taekwondo from Home

We custom tailor the learning process for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. No more having to rush to get to a class or being one in a crowd. Your journey to Taekwondo mastery is yours. We focus on you by providing exclusive one-on-one feedback.

Michael Hetherington (student since 2018 )

Master Taekwondo at Home

Learn and practice all white to black-belt techniques, poomsae (forms), and self defense

through our easy-to-follow instructional videos.

Learn At Your Own Pace

You're busy and life can get in the way. We made this program flexible so you can train at a pace that fits with your schedule.

Quality Instruction

Your instructors are 3rd and 4th-degree black belts with more than 20 years of experience between them.

Earn Accredited Rank

You'll take challenging tests and submit them to a real instructor so you can earn and be proud of your rank.

Stream From Multiple Devices

Access your courses from any device so you can take your training with you on the go.

Supportive Community

You'll join the ranks of over 1000 students from around the world, all working toward similar goals and encouraging each other along the way.

Complete Comprehensive Training

You'll get everything you need to go from white to black belt.

Watch How the Course Works

The first online martial arts university of its kind, since 2008.

Ready to become a Master of Taekwondo?

Course Curriculum

Take the guesswork out of training! This course guides you all the way from white to black belt. Learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo first, 
then the stances, strikes, kicks, blocks, self defense, and poomsae (forms). Along the way, you'll do full classes that include 

drills and conditioning. Build dynamic speed and flexibility as you do everything at your own pace.


You'll first learn how to use the course, and then you'll get a good understanding of the style, yelling, basic Korean terminology, and how to tie you belt.

Basic Techniques

You'll learn stances, footwork, hand techniques, blocks, and kicks from multiple angles, through detailed breakdowns and drills.

Self Defense

You'll understand how to apply this ancient form of self defense to counter the most probable attacks. And you'll learn how to walk safely and react through locked-in muscle memory.

Forms (Poomsae)

The GMAU style of TKD teaches you the Taegeuk series of poomsae. And all poomsae are taught from white to black belt (2nd and 3rd degrees will be added). 

Complete Classes

Each belt level includes follow-along classes. It's just like attending a live class in a dojang.

Practice Drills

After a detailed instruction of each technique, you'll follow along to a practice drill to get more repetition.

Instructor Support With

Anytime Feedback

Training with us is just like walking into a dojang and taking a full class.
All classes include a warm up, technique instruction, a variety of drills, and 
to keep your training fun and different.

Message your Instructor and Get Your

Progress Reviewed Anytime

Interact directly with your instructor whenever you need guidance.

Submit a video for review and corrections if you need some extra support.

Find a Training Partner with the

Student Locator

Easily locate and connect with other GMAU students

in your area.

Start a “Global Garage” and start training with friends.


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All Lessons and Classes from White to Black

Connect and Train with Other Students
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Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

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Accredited Rank Testing & Advancement

Instructor Support, Feedback & Guidance

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What Our Students

are Saying...

I am passionate about learning Martial Arts since I started out in Karate way back in 2005. I am a firm believer of trying out other styles wherever possible once you are grounded in your first style. After a few years of training I started training in other styles myself, and that alongside the fact I was a nomad due to my university studies eventually lead me to discover the GMAU.

I have found that kicks was always a skill I needed to work on, so when the TKD course was announced on the GMAU, I knew I had to join!

I decided to pre enroll and once the course was launched, I went straight into my training. The content that is available, as per the standard of the GMAU, is excellent. The lessons are bitesize and easy to watch, and the videos are high quality. The syllabus is divided appropriately so it is easy to know what you need to learn depending on your skill level and the rank you are working towards.

In terms of the content of the videos and the Instructor, Instructor Adam clearly explains how to do the various moves and requirements that are included and also in various angles. It is very easy to follow, with recommendations on how to train both with and with a partner. For each technique, this is achieved by the various drills that we get to follow along with whilst watching through the videos.

Also, the classes in the TKD program is also very fun, but challenging! The delivery of the classes mean that each section flows very well into the next part of the class, with suggestions on how to do each part depending on what resources you have and also if you have a partner. I always feel satisfied after taking part in these classes, and it helps me identify what I need to work on. I appreciate the stretches that are included to help with flexibility, as well as the conditioning section, which while that is the most challenging part, it is also the most satisfying and I know it will make me stronger longer term.

The community in this course is great also! Instructor Adam gives very quick responses when you have any queries or submit videos for tests and feedback, and each time he gives a lot of details, which is much appreciated with this being an online course. Communication on the discussion board is also very active, with myself and other students always motivating, encouraging and helping each other out however we can!

At the time of writing, I have recently passed my 8th Kup White Belt test, and I am already hooked and working towards learning the next level. Don't ever think this is a diploma mill, as I only passed the test on my second attempt after working on what has been highlighted in my feedback video by Instructor Adam. As a result of starting the course, I'm always constantly thinking of how I can fit training into my day. Thanks to this course I'm starting to feel fitter and found my kicking techniques improving. I am proud to be one of the starting members and I am certainly looking forward to sharing my journey towards black Belt with everyone here at the GMAU.

Najeeb Hassan
Taekwondo Student

I love this course. The videos are easy to follow, and the instructors are always willing to answer questions. This is a great way to learn if you have a busy schedule and can't make it to traditional classes.

Matthew Shipley
Taekwondo Student

Excellent class and both instructors are awesome. I'm already halfway and looking forward to enroll in another martial art after I get my black belt. I'm glad I found GMAU.

Moroni Corral
Taekwondo Student

Looking at the course purely as a training Taekwondo and physical fitness experience, it’s brilliant. Instructor Adam’s teaching approach is intelligent and focused, his experience and enthusiasm coming across very strongly. I am particularly impressed with the amount of detail he goes into with each technique, breaking them down into small steps and explaining the reasoning for everything that he asks you to do. The classes are done in a very structured and disciplined way, as one slowly builds on the foundations.

Jacqui Glisson
Taekwondo Student

I absolutely love the Taekwondo course. Adam is a great teacher. I did a little bit of Taekwondo as a kid and I always regretted not sticking with it. I'm 35 and doing axe kicks, tornado kicks, hook kicks. It feels awesome! It also improves your flexibility a lot and improves your core and leg strength, which have always been weak areas for me. On top of that, it’s really convenient to be able to do it at home. It's hard to pick up a new discipline in public, it’s much easier to practice and be disciplined at home. Great product overall!

Roberto Mayen-Hess
Taekwondo Student

Commonly Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us if you don't see your question below!

What style of Taekwondo is this?

This is WTF Taekwondo, the most popular style in the world, that is also used at the world-stage every four years at the games. Our style does not focus solely on sparring, or poomsae (forms). The style teaches a well-rounded system of taekwondo: poomse, sparring, and self defense applications.

How does testing work?

  1. Train with the lessons and classes. Once you have logged the minimum training hours required, you are eligible to submit your test.
  2. Next, simply follow the instructions on the testing page, to film and submit your video exam.
  3. Your instructor will do a detailed grading of your exam, and will also film a personalized feedback video with corrections and guidance.
  4. Once you pass, you will receive your official certificate of rank. If you do not pass the first time, you will be given corrections, and can resubmit without paying another fee.

Do I need a partner to participate in the GMAU Taekwondo program?

Although it is not a complete necessity, it can be very beneficial to have a training partner. The techniques can be practiced solo (preferably with a mirror or on a training bag). In the rank exam video, the self defense section can be demonstrated solo or with a partner. If a partner is not available for self defense demonstrations, a hanging bag or realistic dummy can be useful.

Can my partner (or family members) also take a level exam and become certified?

Yes! Your can easily add family members to your account, or link a training partner’s account to your own, so that you can train together. Each student will be graded individually and can track their own progress.

Do you offer a discount for additional family members?

Yes! Each additional family member receives a 50% discount on their tuition. It is simple to add new family members from your own account.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, there are no contracts or annoying cancellation processes. If you just don’t like the course, you can cancel. But, if you fall to hard times and want to freeze your membership, we can do that for you too.

Does a portion of my monthly tuition go toward changing the world for the better?

Yes it does! We donate a good portion of our proceeds every month to people and projects that are making the world a better place. From planting organic gardens to feed the homeless, to a martial arts school teaching underprivileged kids, to good people who have fallen under hard times and illnesses, schools in Africa, people combating ailments with natural herbs, and more - we are working on helping others and spreading abundance.

Do I have to do the testing and ranking?

This is simply an option that is available to you. We have a lot of students who just like training and learning the material on their own, without the goal of earning rank through us. That is just fine. If you ever need anything, you can still get help through our Instructor Support.

Is your course aligned with a particular organization or association?

Yes, all rank awarded is recognized and accredited through the Global Martial Arts Association, Ultimate Training Martial Arts Association, the Association of Martial Artists World Wide, as well as various local and national training centers. If you are looking to receive a certification or ranking through a specific group – then you must contact them directly. If you are purely interested in mastering the art itself, improving yourself, and earning accredited rank as you progress – then our course will be a good fit.

Is there a minimum wait between level certification exams?

There are no “forced waits” in our program. But, we do require students to document their training/practice sessions in the Student Journal.

We require for you to train a minimum number of hours and to document each practice session in your student journal before you take an exam.

We do this for a few reasons:

  • It allows us to keep tabs on your progress, practice schedule, and training time. As your instructors, we are more in the loop, just as we would be if you attended physical classes with us.
  • The minimum training hours are designed so that you get enough repetitions; create real muscle memory, and instinctual reactions. It is not enough to just “know how to do a technique” – but be able to execute it instantaneously with an attack, without having to think. Sufficient, documented practice will get you there.
  • We want to maintain high standards of excellence and expectations, so that your training, progress, and ranking is up to par to a Krav Maga student from a physical facility.
  • Will my certificate state that it was earned “online” or through “home study”?

    No. Certificates issued are the same as those awarded to physical training students. This is because we have the same syllabus, testing requirements, and student standards in our online course. Since you are not physically attending classes, you will need to put in extra work and have a much higher level of self-discipline in order to advance.

    Is there a cost for testing? What does the test fee include?

    Yes. Rank exams are $60 each for yellow – red belt. The fee covers the time and energy that your instructor takes out working with you and grading your exam. Your instructor will take out a good chunk of time to study your exam, grade it, make detailed notes, and work back and forth with you in communication. Your instructor will also film a personalized feedback video for you! Your instructor will demonstrate some of your errors, go over tips, corrections, guidance, and anything that will help you improve. The fee also covers your official certificate of rank.

    What if I have previous martial arts rank and experience?

    Great! You are an even better candidate for studying at home, since you have trained in the past. If you hold rank in shotokan, then you can follow our rank transfer procedure. Otherwise, you will need to start at the beginning.

    How can I transfer my current rank into the Global Martial Arts University?

    We currently allow for rank transfers in our Taekwondo course. If you hold a rank in WTF Taekwondo (not another style of TKD...you must know the Taegeuk poomsae), then you are eligible. Here is the process for transferring rank:

    1. You will first need to enroll into the course as a full student. Choose a payment option and enroll.
    2. Scan and send a copy of your highest rank certificate to your grading instructor via the messages page in your GMAU account.
    3. Pay the $85 rank transfer fee (use this payment link). This covers the instructors time in reviewing your rank transfer video and for our administrative time getting you transferred into the rank.
    4. First, review all of the poomsae and kicking lessons within the GMAU course from white - your current belt level. Then, film yourself demonstrating all of our syllabus's poomsae from white to your current rank. Upload as a YouTube unlisted video, and send a message to your instructor with this URL.

    Your instructor will do a detailed review of your transfer rank video. If you are up to our standards of rank equivalency, we will honor your current rank, and you can keep training toward your black belt and beyond.

    How can I become a certified Instructor and run my own Taekwondo classes?

    You can become a CMAT (Certified Martial Arts Teacher) by completing the CMAT course of study and certification exam. Once you hold at least a black belt rank in Taekwondo, you can then start teaching as a certified instructor.

    Will I get access to the full course on Day 1?

    Yes. Upon enrolling, from day one you can access all levels of lessons, classes, and extras. You are not required to do the grading/testing component of your membership; but it is an option that you can take advantage of at any time!

    Can I enroll my child into the course? What is the minimum age?

    Yes! We have lots of kids training in this program. We recommend this program for ages 6 and up. For ages 6-9, your child will be most successful when a parent is present assisting (or training alongside) at least somewhat during the training. For kids ages 10 and up, they can usually do the training on their own. The program is well designed for kids and adults.

    Ready to become a Master of Taekwondo?